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About us

 - Healthcare Products Services and Trading Ltd.


Our company has a 20 year history in the business of medical technology servicing and trade. We repair and install medical equipment in the city of Kecskemét and its surrounding 200 km area. Our main activity is to provide service and distribute human and human and industrial X-ray equipment, EKG equipment, physiotherapy devices and laboratory instruments.

Our target customers are industrial factories, medical institutions, hospitals, clinics, private and family doctors. In 2002 we acquired ISO 9001:2001 qualification. The company operates with 7 employees: service engineers, technicans, marketing and distribution specialists.

The city of Kecskemét is located 86 km south of Budapest, and can be reached by M5 highway. In this region in recent years numerous commercial facilities have started to operate in industrial parks, in which there are still opportunities to expand.

We appreciate your inquiry and we look forward to your detailed information regarding the opportunities of our cooperation at the following e-mail address: or fax number: +36 76 482 250.

Sándor Vili

Managing Director

H-6 0 0 0 K e c s k e m é t

Aradi vértanúk tere 5.

e-mail adress:

Tel. / fax.: +36 76 482 250

Tel. +36 76 505 728

Hungary, Europe